Full-service Cleaning Service company that provides Professional Cleaning for Residential Homes, Rental Properties and Vacation Homes.

Modern Stones Cleaning

Full Service Cleaning Services for Residential, Vacation and other Properties

As a full service cleaning company we offer a wide array of cleaning services and experience to provide you with a clean and beautiful home or rental property. Our main services include our Residential & Rental Property one-time cleaning service, our recurring cleaning services, custom deep cleaning services, our remodel/construction debris removal and hauling and tenant move-in/move-out cleaning.


Our General One-Time cleaning service is perfect for those households or businesses that need to clean and clear the dust, dirt and clutter from the living and working areas that have accrued over time.


We offer Tenant Move-In and Move-Out cleaning services to insure your property is clean up to our highest standards, not your tenants.


Our Recurring Cleaning/Maid Service consists of scheduled and recurring general cleaning where customers schedule bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly cleaning services.


We also offer services that haul away debris  and trash from remodels. and other things that may need to be taken care of before the cleaning can actually begin.


One-Time Cleaning | Deep Cleaning | Move-In/Out Cleaning | Make-Ready Cleaning | Cleaning & Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly cleaning services. Remodel cleaning & debris Haul away.



Full Service Property Cleaning

Modern Stones Cleaning is a Full-Service cleaning services company. We specialize in Residential cleaning services for any occasion. Vacant Property Cleaning, Move-In Cleaning. Tenant end-of-lease cleaning, any home cleaning job. We do it all!


Specialty Cleaning

We are a Full-Service cleaning company that can handle any specialty cleaning project. Need a home remodel cleaned up? We are here! Carpets in need of a deep cleaning after a big party? Call us for help! We are here to help you.


Trash Hauling & Removal

Modern Stones Cleaning is part of the Modern Stones services companies and Modern Stones Hauling is our trash removal and hauling service. If you have debris, trash, old furniture, or anything you need removed, Modern Stones Hauling can help!


We're proud to provide safe and reliable professional-grade cleaning services to our community. Our cleaning service teams have been professionally trained to deliver high quality residential and home cleaning services. We offer multiple cleaning packages that are designed to meet the demands of any property owner. Whether you need your house cleaning services on a regular basis or just one time, we have a cleaning option that's right for you. A comprehensive description of each cleaning package is listed on our services page.

Cleaning Services to get your Home or Rental spotless!

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